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Molding Safety
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Molding Safety

Warning: Before using the molder head accessory, read and understand these important safety instructions:

Danger Zone--The danger zone extends 3" out from the knives on all sides, 2'in back of the knives, and 8' in front of the knives. The reason for the extended danger zone in front and back of the knives is because of the danger of kickback.

  • Read and understand your Table Saw Safety.
  • When the molder head accessory is used, it is necessary to remove the upper saw guard. Whenever the upper saw guard is removed, keep the lower saw guard in place and work with extreme caution.
  • Never use the molder head accessory without the molder insert installed. After installing the molder insert, turn the upper auxiliary spindle by hand to be sure the knives clear the insert.
  • Make sure the setscrew In the molder/dado arbor is tightened against the flat of the main spindle, the tongue washer is installed next to the hex nut, the threaded shaft of the arbor is flush with or extends past the end of the hex nut, and the hex nut is securely tightened.

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